Roy Wood, Jr.’s Top 10 Moments | The Daily Show

Roy Wood, Jr: world conflict geographer, extreme team builder, and unsolved mystery solver. Here are his top 10 moments. #DailyShow #RoyWoodJr 0:00 – 10. The Oscars Reach Peak Blackness
2:26 – 9. Extreme Team-Building in Trump's Divided America
4:39 – 8. Compton Cowboys
7:10 – 7. MLK Day Fails
8:33 – 6. Unsolved Mysteries: What Does Ivanka Actually Do?
10:56 – 5. The Robbery Suspect Captured in a Caricature
12:58 – 4. Scientists Create The Blackest Black
15:12 – 3. A Geography of Who Hates Who
17:42 – 2. How Racist Is Boston?
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