Twenty Revolutionary Protest Memes For Those Taking To The Streets

You know how some people laugh when they’re nervous or anxious? Yeah, that’s us right now with these memes. 2020’s latest little surprise for us has been protests and riots in response to the tragic murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. Accordingly, people have taken to the streets of major cities to protest police brutality and racism toward Black Americans. No one really knows what this all will amount to…revolution? More major government crackdowns? Whatever it is, we just want y’all to be safe.

And of course, if you plan to join the protests, be careful and wear a mask, because COVID-19 hasn’t forgotten about us!


Cartoon - American Civil war 2nd covid wave Ferb! This one's looking at both of us at the same time. june (Ghatteringi


Face - Everyone making jokes about how 2020 is gonna keep getting worse and then it continually does


Adventure game - Trump: *goes to seek shelter in the white house bunker* That janitor who saw the presidential chair empty: I guess i'm in charge now


Brick - Mexico after seeing the mess in the US:


Cartoon - Karens when there are riots all over the US a week after GTA V was free on Epic Store Coincidence I THINK NOT


Games - Could The US Citizens Fight Off The US Military? 1.4M views 9 months ago TYLER O LIVE Trump deploys US military to 'dominate the streets' "THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS." - Master Oogway

7. Untitled


Product - US race war Man eats bat in China


Text - Protesters who are fighting for change Rioters who are being violent You're not affiliated with me


Mammal - America handling America handling problems in movies problems in real life


Photo caption - YouTube's Jake Paul Spotted At Looting Site, have you serious brain damage


Event - CAIT 30 The rest of the world recovering from Covid W Resk Ra Reak Ae America Rioting


Face - When you see what's happening to the people who tossed your tea in the ocean in 1773. [laughs in british]

14. Untitled




People - whoever threw that tear gas, DE Your moms a HOE It's a simple spell but quite unbreakable.


Text - 2020 so far: January WORLD WAR3 February FIREWATCH Can you infect the World? March Plague Inc EVOLVED A LI E N I S- 0 LAT I O N" April Мay TONIGHT RieT

18. Untitled


Architecture - America „America America America Amelica America America America


Event - Black lives Companies saying matter Black Lives Matter community so their shit won't get burned made with mematic

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