19 Tweets That Prove Kids On Zoom Are Hilarious

It’s difficult to count the ways that the pandemic has uprooted our lives. Many of us are jobless. People have lost loved ones. We’re all getting cabin fever from being cooped up in our homes. But kids have got it pretty weird. And so do parents. As their studies move to the internet, children are being forced to endure “Zoom classes.” And while that seems pretty surreal and scary for many of us, kids happen to be super adaptable. And that adaptability can often translate to humor. These tweets, which come from parents eavesdropping on their children’s virtual lessons, are some seriously wholesome proof of that. 


Text - Lin-Manuel Miranda @Lin_Manuel Kindergarten Zoom Dance Teacher: Yes, Sebastian, you have a question? Sebastian (unmuting himself): Yes, my little brother really likes dancing. Teacher: That's great! Sebastian: So can he do this class for me? cc: @VAMNI. 10:20 AM · 5/22/20 · Twitter Web App


Text - Arnie Niekamp @misterarnie Overheard my daughter, doing a Zoom meeting with her kindergarten class, saying, with the weariness of an adult, "Clark, you're muted." 5:53 PM · 4/13/20 · Twitter Web App


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Text - k.liz @kathyyliz 'when i got money from the tooth fairy because my tooth came out, i decided i want to collect more money.' - a kindergartener in this Zoom class. i am ROLLING. the HUSTLE 10:48 AM · 5/21/20 · Twitter for iPhone


Text - Imacleod @lmacleod Overheard on kindergarten zoom... Teacher: "What's 14+1?" Child: "I don't have enough fingers for that!" 8:42 AM - 5/8/20 · Twitter for iPhone


Text - suesalvi @suesalvi Just overheard on my 9-year-old's Zoom: "Would Santa kill a shark?" ...really got me thinking. 12:29 PM · 5/22/20 · Twitter Web App


Hamster - Kelly Huh, Ph.D. @glaciergeek I overheard zoom kids chat the other day that if all students can wear hamster balls at schools, then it may be good to return. GIF 7:42 PM · 5/16/20 · Twitter for iPhone


Text - Andrew Exum @ExumAM I just overheard my five-year old tell a girl in his preschool class, on Zoom, "Hey [Name],I dreamed of you last night." What a little Casanova. 9:56 AM · 4/7/20 · Twitter for iPhone


Text - Monica Mahoney O @mmPharmD Well ... I was just shared during Kindergarten zoom show and tell "THIS IS MY MOMMY!" 2:34 PM · 5/11/20 · Twitter for Android


Text - Karl Brophy O @KarlBrophy Overheard from the teacher on the 8 year-old's Zoom spelling test this week: "Okay class, let's not use virtual backgrounds. We don't want people being distracted." 6:35 AM · 5/1/20 · Twitter for iPad


Text - Ryan Dilbert O @ryandilbert Overheard in my daughter's Zoom class: Go ahead and put your lizard away and we'll get started on our math. 11:43 AM · 4/28/20 from Houston, TX · Twitter for iPhone


Text - Ranak Trivedi @RanakTrivedi Overheard on my 5 yo daughter's classroom zoom: "I have a comment and a question" #futureacademic #preparingforconferences cc: @vibhor_chhabra 12:12 PM · 5/18/20 · Twitter for iPhone


Text - David Enrich O @davidenrich Every Monday, my son's kindergarten class shares (via Zoom) what everyone did this weekend. Today I heard: "socially distanced picnic" "walked in the woods but it was too crowded" "wore masks" "stayed home" They're saying these phrases like they're normal. 9:33 AM - 5/18/20 · Twitter Web App


Text - Todd Coleman @todd_coleman My daughter had a Zoom class yesterday. The teacher's internet went out, so one of the kids was made the default host. He muted everyone, pretended to teach the class, and then just said "fart" over and over until the teacher was able to join back. It was amazing. 10:12 AM · 4/29/20 · Twitter Web App


Text - Mike Lobikis @MLfromdeep When my daughter joins her zoom class in the morning, every kid just yells "poopy" at the other kids for 5 minutes.


Text - LazyManAndMoney @LazyManAndMoney My 7-year old's Zoom class right now... Teacher: Who wants to add a character to the story? Girl: l'd like to add a bird. My son: l'd like to add a ginormous cucumber zombie. Next kid: l'd like to add a rabbit. 9:38 AM · 5/21/20 · TweetDeck


Text - Kiel Phegley @KielPhegley You Know, For Kids Just listened to a kid on my child's preschool class zoom call tel everyone "This is Link, the character from Zelda: Toilet Princess." 11:23 AM - 5/22/20 · Twitter Web App


Text - Jason Isbell @Jasonlsbel| My favorite moment from quarantine has been my four year old daughter explaining fuzz tone guitar to her zoom preschool class 11:46 AM · 5/19/20 · Twitter for iPhone


Text - a breast of fresh air @joinez My dumb ass logged my son into his Zoom class and I ain't have no shirt on Lmaoo all I heard was 15 Lil ass voices saying ewwwww 9:06 AM · 5/19/20 · Twitter for iPhone

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