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Funny meme that reads, "Hen tie or something, I don't know I never watched anime" above an illustration of a hen wearing a tie

Right guys?

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Fifteen ‘Four Elements’ Memes That Offer A Dumb Play On Words

We recently put out a gallery of Avatar memes, but these get a little more specific with the elements of the four nations (air, water, fire, and earth). They involve incredibly dumb, groan-worthy plays on words, and we’re secretly kind of into it. Scroll down for some examples!


Hair - Hair Hwater Hfire Hearth


Photo caption - Together, the Flavorbenders can open the gates to flavor town FLAVORBENDERS GUY FIERI MAN AQUA MALE EARTH FELLA AIR


The TWEN 320 Bel-Air Y20 The Fresh Prince The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air of Bel-Water MG The Fresh Prince The Fresh Prince of Bel-Fire of Bel-Earth


Community - Tony Blair Tony Blwater Tony Blfire Tony Blearth getty mages Son Dmp PA


Human - Claire Clwatere Clfiree Clearthe PANS DEVNR


Laptop - Macbook Air Macbook Water Мacbook Fire Macbook Rock


Facial expression - Fire Mark Watermark gettyimages Chip Samodevila Ae Mark Indoaesia Air mark Earth mark


Brown bear - Bair Bwater Bfire Вearth


Text - hair hwater H hearth hfire


Soil - Stair Stearth Stfire Stwater


Vehicle - Long ago, the 4 Chnations lived together in harmony Chair Chearth Chwater Chfire


Movie - Chair Chwater Chearth 降去神通 Chfire CHAVATAR THE LAST Chairbender.


Toilet - Long ago four nations lived together in harmony..


Chair - Chearth Chair Chwater Chfire


Fictional character - The four elements Earth Air Fire Water

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Punny Memes That Any Dad Would Approve Of

Do you like terrible jokes that make you groan? If so, you might be a dad. Hell, even if you’re not a dad, we think you’ll enjoy these memes that utilize the worst-possible jokes just for your dumb enjoyment. Keep in mind, we have to sift through and read all of these. We hope you’re happy.