22 Petty & Amusing Gems From ‘Best Of Nextdoor’

“When neighbors start talking, good things happen.” That’s what Nextdoor’s CEO Nirav Tolia likes to say about his social networking site. And he’s not wrong. While the site’s intended to connect neighbors to one another, it’s often less of a useful community tool than it is a place for petty complaints and expert trolling. And the Twitter account @bestsofnextdoor keeps incredible track of the funniest posts from shit-starting neighbors. We’ve put together some of their latest (and greatest) uploads in this gallery, but if you like what you see, please give ’em a follow on Twitter.You’ll be glad you did. 

1. Does this person realize that bees are dying at an alarming rate??

2. This photo will haunt our dreams.

3. Untitled

4. Ouch.

5. Untitled

6. Untitled

7. Props

8. Untitled

9. Untitled

10. Untitled

11. Untitled

12. Untitled

13. Untitled

14. Untitled

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17. Untitled

18. Untitled

19. Untitled

20. Untitled

21. Untitled


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