For Whoever Needs To Hear This

Funny meme about how mens knee length shorts are ugly.

Let’s cancel cargo shorts.

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The Perfect Venn Diagram Doesn’t Exi-

Funny Tumblr meme depicting a Venn diagram with "starting a fight," "petting a dog," and "consoling a child"

Why does it all work so well

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It’s Always The Best Dreams Too!

Funny meme about not being able to remember your dreams when you wake up | My dream: What I remember from my dream: Ignorance, Envy and Jealousy by James Ward

Soooo annoying.

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He’s So Thoughtful

Funny meme about being broke and having a nigerian uncle, scammer, funny meme

This news couldn’t come at a better time.

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We’re Gonna Be Here For A While

Funny meme about moms seeing each other at the supermarket

Submitted by: (via u/drwhoo12)

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Sneaky Sneaky

Funny meme about rappers and hackers, dank memes, stupid memes, interludes

Those interludes are usually pretty good, though.

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You Can Pry It Away From My Cold, Dead Hands

Funny Lord of the Rings Elrond meme about eating raw cookie dough and the CDC advising against doing that | Raw Cookie Dough CDC Cast it into the oven! Bake it! Me No

You’ll never take my cookie dough.

Submitted by: (via Dragongurl392)

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Why Is It Necessary For Microwaves To Be So Loud?

Funny meme that reads, "When you don't stop the microwave before it reaches 0:00" above a still of a character from Mulan saying, "Now all of China knows you're here"

It’s gonna wake up the damn neighbors.

Submitted by: (via Lilshieldmaiden)

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This Meme Keeps Getting More And More Creative

Funny 'Always Has Been' dank meme where the viewer is actually the meme | Always have been. Wait, they're the meme now?

Bonus points if you can spot the Rick Roll.

Submitted by: (via wasdStar)

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Can’t Even Be That Much…

Funny dank meme that reads, "The government thinking a one time check of $1,200 is enough" above a still of Lucille Bluth saying, "How much could rent cost? Ten dollars?"

Just stop being poor!

Submitted by: (via TheBloodyLady)

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Twitter Thread Spins Tale Of Macho Men, Urine, And A Single Jellyfish

It’s been a while since we shared an entertaining Twitter story with y’all, and we’re happy to be able to change that today. Twitter user @enswelljones shared this hilarious tale from his teenage years last Friday, and it’s responsible for the kind of serious out-loud laughter we wish happened more often. The scuba-diving anecdote is the perfect kind of humbling hilarity that we love to see played out in real life. Reading this amazing takedown of masculinity is almost as satisfying as seeing it in person.


Text - Chris Jones @EnswellJones I want to say I was 16, maybe. My family went to Florida. I was-and still am-a passionate SCUBA diver. The water is the only place I feel graceful. I went by myself on a dive boat. There was me and maybe six other divers- all big, brawny men. I felt very small and hairless. 1:01 PM · 17 Jul 20 · Twitter Web App 5,448 Retweets and comments 13.3K Likes Chris Jones @EnswellJones 1d Replying to @EnswellJones You have to understand dive culture. Some people like the f


Text - Chris Jones @EnswellJones · 1d This boat was filled with those meatheads. On our way out to the dive site, I was like, Are we invading Bermuda? They were all strapped and wearing four-foot fins, telling tales about how they routinely dived to 300 feet and fought sharks. Several confessed underwater murders. 2 27 27 1,475 Chris Jones @EnswellJones 1d Today l'd be like, Sorry about your shitty childhoods. But being a teenage boy is hard in some ways. I was sort of intimidated and wanted bad


Text - Chris Jones @EnswellJones 1d Anyway, we dived, and the biggest Chet of the bunch got a wicked jellyfish sting on his face, like he'd been slashed with broken glass. Whether any of his other stories were true, I had no idea. But now he had a true story about the time a jellyfish turned his lips into sausages. 3 27 19 1,457 Chris Jones @EnswellJones 1d We scrambled back onto the boat. The guy was screaming through his gritted teeth, so pretty quickly, he was laid out flat on the deck. Back


Text - Chris Jones @EnswellJones · 1d I shouldered into the circle and peed on him, too. I didn't just take a tinkle on this dude, either. If you've ever gone diving, you know that you absorb or swallow half the ocean. You have to piss like a racehorse. It was like l was a bilge pump. I emptied a bucket on this guy. 27 37 1,804 Chris Jones @EnswellJones 1d I was reminded, years earlier, of going to Cleveland Municipal Stadium, maybe? Some ballpark that had circular urinals. I had to stand there


Text - Chris Jones @EnswellJones 1d We doused that guy like he was on fire-there was more urine on that boat deck than in the ball pit at IKEA. And then we all acted like the biggest fucking heroes in the world, giving each other high fives and shit. It was the weirdest thing. These guys were JACKED. 27 26 1,595 Chris Jones @EnswellJones · 1d We headed back to shore. Pissboy sat alone, staring out to sea. I remember thinking, He doesn't look okay. It wasn't just the jellyfish sting. That trip ch


Text - Chris Jones L @EnswellJones We got back and said goodbye: six strangers brought together by fate to urinate all over another stranger's face. My parents asked me how my dive had gone. "Great," I said. I didn't tell them I had peed on a man for the first time. I just ate my ice cream. It was reward enough. 1:10 PM · 17 Jul 20 · Twitter Web App

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No Dating Success In Sight

Funny meme that reads, "Actually how it looks when me and my friends give each other relationship advice" above an image of two clowns having a conversation

Who are we kidding here?

Submitted by: (via ReduceReuseRecycledMemes)

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Thank God That’s Over With

Funny meme about introverts hating phone calls featuring Frodo Baggins throwing the ring into the fire

It’s hard for us introverts.

Submitted by: (via anlyin)

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When the moon hits your eye…

Funny meme with the astronauts, that's amore, dean martin, always has been

Dean Martin was right all along.

Submitted by: (via @memebase)

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I’m A Catch

Funny meme about going on a date, picture of alex jones talking about how ducks are free

You’d be lucky to date me.

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So Much Pressure

Funny meme that reads, "Man I be overthinking these" above a notification prompting you to select all of the images of vehicles

Am I a robot?

Submitted by: (via LeoSenior)

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Never Ending Story

funny meme about flattening the curve

Keep up the good work, guys.

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Thanks, Mom And Dad

Funny meme that reads, "Everyone: why are you so negative; me: ..." above an image of a frog saying, "I exist without my consent"

So rude.

Submitted by: (via obtuserubbermoose)

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Brick? Inside?

Funny tweet from luke mones about exposed brick.

Now that’s what I call interior design. 

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Ha Ha Nothing To See Here!

Funny dank meme featuring a cruise ship in a narrow passage way where one side of the cliff represents "the crumbling economy," the other side represents "COVID-19," and the middle represents "Me and the boys playing video games like nothing's happening"

We’re all so f*cked!

Submitted by: (via Didjdjdjsk)

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