Dumb Chicken Sandwich Memes To Distract From Any Of Our Nation’s Actual Problems

In case you haven’t heard about the Great Sandwich War of 2019…well, it’s a thing. Because apparently that’s what’s important in people’s lives right now. Not, you know, the fact that the Amazon Rain Forest is burning down, or the political turmoil happening throughout the world. Nope, it’s the chicken sandwiches that matter.

Anyway, have a lovely day and enjoy these memes about fried chicken sandwiches! Or whatever! Who cares!


‘Chicken Wars’ Are Dividing The Public Over Fast Food

Have you ever seen America this divided over something? Aside from the 2016 presidential elections, we think not. 

Popeyes and Chick-fil-A came out with a new fried chicken sandwich at the same time and it’s created quite the heated debate on Twitter under the hashtag “chicken wars.” Even Twitter troll-master Wendy’s has gotten in on the roasting, which is a surprise to absolutely no one.

It seems that Twitter has already chosen Popeyes as the winner, but of course you’ll have to make the call on your own once you try both!