‘Africa’ By Toto Played With Tesla Coils Is Weirdly Good


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Three Adorable Hyrax Pups Have Been Born At Chester Zoo

These little cuties weigh no more than a banana (250 g), unlike their closest relative, the elephant, which weighs between 200 and 268 lb. So how are these unlikely creatures related? It all goes back to their shared ancestor, Tethytheria, which died around 50 million years ago. Although that’s a long time for the animals to grow apart, they still share a few key qualities that is unique to only them. 

Hyrax have tusks that grow from their incisor teeth, like elephants. All other mammals have tusks that grow from their canine teeth. They also both have flattened nails on their feet, rather than long nails like most mammals have, and similar skull structures to elephants. Who would have known?