Student Does 60% Of Group Project, Group Tries To Cut Student Out

This student deserves high marks for the A+ pro revenge. Sounds like the group got what was coming to them, after trying to cut the hard working student out of the group. They did 60% of the work!

This student deserves high marks for the A+ pro revenge. Sounds like the group got what was coming to them, after trying to cut the hard working student out of the group. They did 60% of the work!


Text - r/ProRevenge u/saria19 • 1y + JOIN 1 3 1 Group attempted to cut me out after I did about 60% of the work. They failed. This happened about 12 years ago while I was studying Aeronautical Engineering. Due to some money- grubbing legislation tactics, most who have gone to college know about the unnecessary courses that are tacked onto the degrees in order to graduate. One of those courses for my degree was a Business class (seriously, you'd think these guys would understand that most Enginee


Text - I'll admit to having always been a geek/nerd who loved making good grades. If I don't understand something, I run at it hard to try to change that. This class stumped me for quite some time and then a nightmare of a project was announced: one worth 50% of our grades. The school was a small one, the class a little more than 30 people, and I was assigned to work with three people I knew from other classes. We had problems straight away. Two of the people remembered me from a Calculus class


Text - At first my other group member tried to pick up the slack as well, pulling hard to do a difficult project in a subject we barely understood. I'll admit she was a trouper. Unfortunately, she was also someone easily manipulated and our two slacking group members began applying pressure during the semester for her to


Text - take the work and allow them to present it. The day of the project finally comes and I'm sick as a dog, pretty much quarantined in the clinic due to bronchitis. I managed to send a message to the teacher. The two slackers manage to wrangle the presentation from the girl who worked with me and presented it to the class, declaring that they had done all of the work and I was skipping class because they had told me that they were going to tell the teacher what happened. My initial grade was


Text - Cue the revenge: privately I went to the teacher with my notes and the report in order to get the grade I earned and to get him in on the plot. He agreed since it seemed fun and he planned to fail them anyway for academic dishonesty. Publicly, there was no report. The classmates that had attempted to take all the credit began to approach me, first demanding the report. Most of the time, my response was, "But I didn't do any work!" in a sickly sweet voice.


Text - Next they attempted to act all buddy-buddy, trying to convince me that it had all been a joke and promising that they'd tell the professor that I had done some work, giving me some credit so that I had the possibility to pass. This was met with stony silence on most occasions before I told them that l'd rather fail than let them pass. Things escalated after that to include the door of my dorm room being rapped on at odd hours of the night, shoving, and them stealing my backpack and notebo


Text - group (didn't have her as my roommate the following semester). Things finally came to a head on the last week of classes. I had held out on them for a month, not telling any of my group mates what I had done and enough time had elapsed that even if they were to turn in the report now, it would be so late that they'd still have failed. They hadn't even attempted to do the report themselves and the girl who had worked with me was in hysterics over the very real possibility of failing the cl


Text - The two slackers glared daggers at me as the teacher returned the report of every other group in the class before stopping in front of them. He was holding what looked to be one extra report and they were immediately looking hopeful. He set a single sheet of paper on one of their desks before moving to the desk of the girl who had worked along with me and set the report on her desk. "I had to dock some points for dishonesty, but you and your partner did decently," he stated before moving


Text - My partner realized what I had done. We only got an 82 on our project, but it was far better than the 0 that our ex-group mates received. I had been carefully documenting the harassment that the two slackers had put me through and ensured several witnesses saw some of what they did. Two days after being informed that they were failing, the pair had a new problem: I gave the evidence to the administration of our school and the teacher reported the academic dishonesty. The administration di

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