Play building blocks & learn colors – Toy cars and trucks for kids.

Come and join us and play with colorful building blocks and learn colors in a new video for kids with toy cars and trucks for kids! Look, a funny clown is playing with his toy car for kids! Oh no! A little toy car needs a gate. Funny clown, do you know how to build a gate for a toy car for kids? Great! Let's take building blocks and build a new gate. But a toy truck wants a gate too. Let's build a big gate for a toy car and a big truck for kids! Well done! Find more toy videos for kids and car games for children on our kids' toys channel! Смотри новое смешное видео для детей про клоуна и машинки для детей! Клоун строит ворота для грузовика и маленькой машинки. Давай поможем ему на новой стройке и посмотрим новое видео про машинки вместе! WOW! Try not to laugh! New DC vs Marvel Superheroes Barbie dolls & funny videos Find us on Facebook: Find us on VK and on OK Subscribe to our channel here Play fun kids' games and watch Funny Clown videos on the Funny Clown Videos channel! Are you ready to have some fun? Join us and watch funny videos for children with clowns, cool toys and cars. Subscribe to the Funny Clown Videos channel and watch new episodes every day. Try not to laugh with Andrew the Clown and other clowns! Let's laugh and play together!

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