Some Kids Have Too Much Energy. Heath Hyche

Some kids have too much energy, and one of those kids was Heath Hyche. In this clip from his full Dry Bar Comedy special Heath breaks down what he learned from watching loads of TV as a little kid. If you take your glasses off on camera, it makes you the center of attention. Whether you're someone who wears glasses, or just someone who enjoys taking them off in a movie, this clip from Heath Hyche's Dry Bar Comedy special is sure to keep you laughing from start to finish. If you enjoyed this clip from Heath Hyche, check out his full Dry Bar Comedy special on Dry Bar Comedy + check out the links below for even more Dry Bar Comedians you might enjoy! Bob Smiley Byron Trimble Daren Streblow Subscribe to Dry Bar Radio Subscribe to Dry Bar Comedy Shorts Want More Dry Bar Comedy? Check us out on our other social media channels. Facebook:
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