Fifteen Times Sarcastic Humor Flew Right Over People’s Heads

If you’re ever feeling bad about yourself, just take a stroll through the following posts from people who missed very obvious jokes. We’re pretty sure they’ll boost your self-confidence. Check out /r/woooosh for more cringe material!


Text - Thave been thinking about this exchange all day. Every seafood restaurant in DC should have a special this week called Squid Pro Quo. t7 572 5.8K 72 Follow Replying to @JenKirkman Actually, the expression is "QUID pro quo," - not “SQUID." It's Latin. 11:13 AM - 26 Sep 2019 5 Retweets 42 Likes t 5 258 42 4:25 PM 9/26/19 Twitter Web Client


Face - when you realize the statue of mona lisa looks like keith urban Like Page November 2 at 12:11pm- Facebook Mentions e but. Like Comment Share That's not Keith urban tho.. Imao Like Reply · 1 hr It's not the statue if Mona Lisa either. Like · Reply 1 hr Write a reply. The Mona Lisa isn't a statue either Like · Reply O1-38 mins


People - 4G 11:49 Wear Nerd Approved NA 5 hrs They even have the same haircuts. Remember Eleven & Mike? Here they are now. Feel old yet? 489 36 Comments • 144 Shares O Like Comment A Share No no. mat's Bruce Willis as a boxer in pulp fiction on the right. Not the same movie. Lame. Write a comment...


Text - Replies Darth Vader • 2 months ago (edited) I like this "Anakin" character... kinda wonder what happens to him 987 目63 Add a public reply... • 2 months ago Darth Vader i think he becomes a pod racer 89 2 months ago are you dumb anakin is darth vader they r the same u noob


Text - Reacties - 1 week geleden the blonde white girl was my favourite. 648 目34 Voeg een openbare reactie toe... 5 dagen geleden They all are blonde white girls... 24


Text - 22 minutes and 22 seconds In 2012, German freediver Tom Sietas held his breath underwater for 22 minutes and 22 seconds, besting Dane Stig Severinsen's previous Guinness record by 22 seconds. (Although Guinness still lists Severinsen as the record holder, stating he hyperventilated with oxygen before his attempt for 19 minutes and 30 seconds.) May 9, 2013 The guy who filmed "Finding Nemo" 国 Are you challenging me? [-115 points · 1 hour ago It was 3D animation you dumb fuck


Grassland - My underground survival base, let me know what you think :) Builds Gaming Wait why is it just grass, I don't see anything underground? Reply 1 -1 ...


Text - 14:36 4 hrs • I am trying to learn what LGBTQ+ stands for... Unfortunately nobody can give me a straight answer! You and 46 others 19 comments • 2 shares Haha Comment Share I sent you a message on LGBT detail LGETICGP Write a comment...


Cartoon - same person?? AVATAR SPIR IT NES Reunny.ce Azula 2 Woche(n) Uhh. If u all watched the episode, Aang is in disguise of an old cranky grandpa. So yeah. They are the same person Antworten ... Lnade with mematic


Text - TEM stem357 • Volgen J WON'T SEE STUDY FINDS PARENTS CAN DO 3 OF THEIR KIDS' MATHS, BUT es STRUGGLE WITH THE OTHER 34 naem eebine 8 and % nice job dude. You are one of them 2d 212 vind-ik-leuks Beantwoorden


Product - Can someone explain to me how they got all the ice through the small hole Imagine being this stupid 19,419 likes This is the stupidest thing ive seen more


Product - The manager at our local IKEA is retiring, so I sent him this cake.. wheres the cake


Text - Awise Arablc poet once sald: بقی يمن دس لمتن دق 1.4K 238 comments • 1.1K shares Libke לן Comment Share speak arabic and that's just gibberish lol


Photo caption - it's always sad when you see someone eating alone bluecheekinha kg There's two of them.Are you blind?? APPY NEW YEA 2020


Extreme sport - 47 mins • O Not possible obviously idiot forgot his parachute he died because the May 15 at 9:22 p.m. • O BREAKING NEWS LIVE SKYDIVER WHO FORGOT PARACHUTE CAN DIES OF CORONA VIRUS Like לח O Comment Share

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