Fifteen Grammar Memes For Pompous Intellectuals

A good, solid knowledge of grammar is important for anyone who wants to get their point across in an intelligent manner. But we all know those grammar snobs who just love to use the good old ad hominem fallacy – that is, attacking a grammatical mistake that is completely irrelevant to the argument at hand. 

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Cartoon - The boys and I learning proper usage of pronouns in school.


Text - Hank Smith @hankrsmith I'm giving up sweets for the entire month. Hank Smith @hankrsmith Oh sorry, I forgot the period. I'm giving up. Sweets for the entire month.


Text - Do you like anyone? yeah, you Um, I have a bf yeah, you?* Delivered Ohh haha RESTORATION 100


Font - Ано How does the the human brain ignore the second "the"?


Text - habibs @thebabainarabic The language proficiency level: making native speaker mistakes on purpose and feeling no shame bout it


Facial expression - Teacher : can you tell me two pronouns? Me : Who? Me? Teacher : correct! Very good.


Text - ( Messages (1) Mother Details Your failing English You're Imay be an idiot...but im not stupid.


Blackboard - When you upload a meme with the correct spelling and punctuation: mri mirpi GMm L-mrp- const EIntelligence dt= MIE-GMan , conet - const de- GMa 2mp GMm Feamet Ikn zmr 2-1


Font - Your welcome mat. Thank you. oda MATT WELCOME You're welcome, Matt. MATT W ELCOME @button


Face - Types of Headaches Migraine Hypertension irregular verbs Stress


Food - Here's my first attempt at synonym rolls @BrazilFlair Just like grammar used to make


Cartoon - Auto correct when it sees a misspelt word: Auto correct when is sees a perfectly spelt word


Organism - e github io/brains I can't cannot I can't can I am unable to can I am unable to able to can


Cartoon - Norse German oll English Latin French What the hell is this? Greek


Cartoon - KILLER BROS CO. Affect Effect

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