Every Word Counts

Funny meme about word count in essays for school, chris evans, captain america, don't, do not

Gotta bulk that sh*t up!

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He Had Us In The First Half

Funny meme from a tiktok about having all your friends sleep over but you don't actually have any friends

Who can relate? 

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TikTok McDonald’s Proposal Is A Perfect Example Of Wholesome Cringe

It’s easy to laugh at pretty much anything on TikTok, especially anything involving relationships. But thanks to this garbage fire of a year, we’re a little more accepting of cringe when it somehow manages to give us hope. TikTok user @liltransboykai shared a video that fits the bill yesterday – a clip of his coworker Willow proposing to his partner Akira. The whole thing goes down at work, which for these three happens to be a McDonald’s.The video eventually made its way to Twitter, where users both mocked and praised it with a heavy dose of predictable sass. Though we enjoyed the laugh, we wish these two a happy future. 

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funny tweets, funny memes, relationships, dating, streaming

This would save hours of agony.

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Show Some Respect

Funny meme about biology, plants that create oxygen, trees get all the attention, plankton, microphones, science memes

Plankton deserves better!

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Funny meme about dad whose son is afraid of the lions in lion king, paints himself punching the lion

Now this is some good parenting.

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Must Protect ‘The Stuff’


Touch the stuff and die.

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funny meme about asking your brain to give good chemicals so you have enough energy to do something other than look at memes and scroll your phone.

Just a little serotonin, we beg of you.

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funny tweet about how good shakira looks in her 40s

Must be nice to be Shakira.

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Funny meme about how advertisements you see on tv don't make you want to buy stuff. jim halpert from the office showing signs.

You ain’t selling us sh*T.

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beer drinking missing piece funny memes Memes beer memes funny - 9541635584

You deserve that “piece”

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I Will Make You Proud

Funny meme about the people who have drawn dicks in your textbooks before you.

Gone, but not forgotten.

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Every Damn Day

funny tweet about losing control of the day

So relatable.

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Honestly Though

funny meme about guys named matt

For real.

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Damn, Mom

funny meme, simpsons meme, mom asks you to clean room because guess are coming, dunks you

She got ya there.

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It’s Always Me

funny stat wars meme about self-sabotage, of course i know him, he's me

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Needed This

funny meme about astronauts with guns, wholesome meme, cute meme, love meme,

Love it when a meme goes wholesome.

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How Quickly Things Change

funny tweet about advertising in march 2020 vs advertising in august 2020 | Ben Rosen @ben_rosen MARCH COMMERCIAL: during these uncertain times, we're thinking of you and your family AUGUST COMMERCIAL: look you might as well catch it at burger king

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Definitely An Iron Fist

funny meme about a woman who rules mcdonalds with an iron fist, navy captain

Those McChickens better be PERFECt.

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Gotta Lock It

funny meme about iphones family guy

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He’s So Thoughtful

Funny meme about being broke and having a nigerian uncle, scammer, funny meme

This news couldn’t come at a better time.

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We’re Gonna Be Here For A While

Funny meme about moms seeing each other at the supermarket

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Sneaky Sneaky

Funny meme about rappers and hackers, dank memes, stupid memes, interludes

Those interludes are usually pretty good, though.

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Best Laid Plans…

Funny meme about procrastination on the internet

Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s tough to do anything these days.

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If It’s On TV It Must Be True

funny meme about baby boomers

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Twitter Thread Spins Tale Of Macho Men, Urine, And A Single Jellyfish

It’s been a while since we shared an entertaining Twitter story with y’all, and we’re happy to be able to change that today. Twitter user @enswelljones shared this hilarious tale from his teenage years last Friday, and it’s responsible for the kind of serious out-loud laughter we wish happened more often. The scuba-diving anecdote is the perfect kind of humbling hilarity that we love to see played out in real life. Reading this amazing takedown of masculinity is almost as satisfying as seeing it in person.


Text - Chris Jones @EnswellJones I want to say I was 16, maybe. My family went to Florida. I was-and still am-a passionate SCUBA diver. The water is the only place I feel graceful. I went by myself on a dive boat. There was me and maybe six other divers- all big, brawny men. I felt very small and hairless. 1:01 PM ยท 17 Jul 20 ยท Twitter Web App 5,448 Retweets and comments 13.3K Likes Chris Jones @EnswellJones 1d Replying to @EnswellJones You have to understand dive culture. Some people like the f


Text - Chris Jones @EnswellJones ยท 1d This boat was filled with those meatheads. On our way out to the dive site, I was like, Are we invading Bermuda? They were all strapped and wearing four-foot fins, telling tales about how they routinely dived to 300 feet and fought sharks. Several confessed underwater murders. 2 27 27 1,475 Chris Jones @EnswellJones 1d Today l'd be like, Sorry about your shitty childhoods. But being a teenage boy is hard in some ways. I was sort of intimidated and wanted bad


Text - Chris Jones @EnswellJones 1d Anyway, we dived, and the biggest Chet of the bunch got a wicked jellyfish sting on his face, like he'd been slashed with broken glass. Whether any of his other stories were true, I had no idea. But now he had a true story about the time a jellyfish turned his lips into sausages. 3 27 19 1,457 Chris Jones @EnswellJones 1d We scrambled back onto the boat. The guy was screaming through his gritted teeth, so pretty quickly, he was laid out flat on the deck. Back


Text - Chris Jones @EnswellJones ยท 1d I shouldered into the circle and peed on him, too. I didn't just take a tinkle on this dude, either. If you've ever gone diving, you know that you absorb or swallow half the ocean. You have to piss like a racehorse. It was like l was a bilge pump. I emptied a bucket on this guy. 27 37 1,804 Chris Jones @EnswellJones 1d I was reminded, years earlier, of going to Cleveland Municipal Stadium, maybe? Some ballpark that had circular urinals. I had to stand there


Text - Chris Jones @EnswellJones 1d We doused that guy like he was on fire-there was more urine on that boat deck than in the ball pit at IKEA. And then we all acted like the biggest fucking heroes in the world, giving each other high fives and shit. It was the weirdest thing. These guys were JACKED. 27 26 1,595 Chris Jones @EnswellJones ยท 1d We headed back to shore. Pissboy sat alone, staring out to sea. I remember thinking, He doesn't look okay. It wasn't just the jellyfish sting. That trip ch


Text - Chris Jones L @EnswellJones We got back and said goodbye: six strangers brought together by fate to urinate all over another stranger's face. My parents asked me how my dive had gone. "Great," I said. I didn't tell them I had peed on a man for the first time. I just ate my ice cream. It was reward enough. 1:10 PM ยท 17 Jul 20 ยท Twitter Web App

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When the moon hits your eye…

Funny meme with the astronauts, that's amore, dean martin, always has been

Dean Martin was right all along.

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Best Of Luck…

Funny meme about guy and girl out, girl has printed screenshots.

Doesn’t look good, though.

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Funny random memes, dank memes, stupid memes, funny memes

Join us in being extremely online.

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Adora She-Ra in Rainbow Heart FanArt 11072020


Please Dad

Funny meme about convincing dad to get a playstation 2 because it can be used as a DVD player.

This purchase will be fun for everyone

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Catra Fanart 06062020 She-Ra and The Princess of Power

she ra catra, catra and adora, catra cosplay, adora x cara, catra season 5, catra applesauce meowmeow, finn she ra, she ra memes, wawa she ra tumblr, she ra e as princesas do poder


It’s Inevitable

Funny meme about Ghislaine Maxwell dying

RIP (Soon)

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Poor Karen

Funny meme about how karens hate to wear masks

Hope she gets through this difficult time.

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If it ain’t me

Funny tweet about staying up late as revenge

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Never Ending Story

funny meme about flattening the curve

Keep up the good work, guys.

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