AskReddit Thread: Funniest Things People Saw At School

People are describing the most absurd and hilarious things that they witnessed while at school. Many of us might be able to recall those times that absolute ridiculous chaos broke out in the classroom. Kids get bored enough and they’re bound to do some silly stuff. 

People are describing the most absurd and hilarious things that they witnessed while at school. Many of us might be able to recall those times that absolute ridiculous chaos broke out in the classroom. Kids get bored enough and they’re bound to do some silly stuff. 


Text - lil_zagawy 18h A kid in my class tried throwing a glue stick up in the air and swiping at it to catch it but instead launched it and it hit the teacher


Text - Mister_Khim • 19h In middle school I saw a girl run into a pole cause she wasn't looking. She screamed then kicked the pole and screamed again. 10/10


Text - Legend_of_Utopia • 17h Our gym teacher telling us how to dribble and shoot and she missed every shot she took and double dribbled every time


Text - sniffleprickles • 18h 1 Award A couple guys I went to high school with came in one day wearing spider Man and venom costumes under their clothes. During lunch they shed their regular clothes and fought.


Text - Princessm3m3s • 18h When I was in third grade, the principal said that we are gonna host a crown party because of a recent event. So In the next 2 days we were all dressed royal n stuff but then you see the class next to me they misheard crown for clown and LEMME TELL YOU. These kids looked so funny. I kinda felt bad because they might've been embarrassed. But hey, what else can I do?


Text - Acidic_White_Girl • 18h Once, in fifth grade, we had a lockdown drilI, and this kid hopped up onto the lockers. Above the lockers, there were windows that looked into the classroom. He looked through, and in a really strange voice, yelled "I seeeee youuu".


Text - Kastillex • 18h A teacher (M around 35) walked into a class dressed up as Marge Simpson for Halloween.


Text - Soullessly_Wandering • 19h I mean... someone went to the breakfast line from the exit, took a piece of bread then booked it out of the cafeteria with 2 security people following them.


Text - Habfier25 • 15h My friend asked to go to the bathroom, and the teacher responded with "I don't know, can you?" And he said, "I don't know, can you settle the divorce your in?" (By the way, he couldn't settle it)


Text - th3_warth0g • 18h It was my senior year of football. Before practice, some players were on specialty teams meanwhile the linemen were bored on the side line. We had this one lineman/backer who transferred from one of our rival schools and was arrogant af. He wasn't that bad but he really pissed some of us off. He was called over to the specialty teams practice. My buddy wanted to practice his punt because we had nothing better to do. He picked up a ball, dropped with ease and a strong ass


Text - idklilb • 15h Freshman year, there was a vegetarian kid who sat at my lunch table. One day for lunch, he wanted to eat but just wanted his lunch without the meat (which they could've easily done for him). The lunch lady refused to do it, so he jumped over the counter, got it himself, jumped back over and slammed his money down by the register before walking out of the cafeteria.


Text - fell-deeds-awake • 17h Freshman year, (honors) world history. Watching some documentary about Napoleon, one of those that has reenactment scenes included. Guy asked the teacher, with a totally straight face, if it was actual footage.


Text - swagerito • 18h In high school some students had made a meme account that was just about the school, making fun of teachers etc. so one day it was gonna snow real hard and the school didnt want to let us go home before it was gonna snow so one of the students announced on the meme page we were gonna protest that and like 200 people ended up throwing moshpits in the small ass halway next to the principles office, and it worked! best day of my life.


Text - Incognonymous212 • 15h first day of the new school year couple of years ago we walk into our social studies class and saw our new teacher. she was probs in her mid twenties, incredibly hot, hands down hottest teacher in my schools history. she introduces herself, and then leaves to go to the bathroom. as she is walking out the door, one kid, who didn't see that she wasn't out of earshot, yelled: "SHES SO HOT OH MY GOD!"


Text - CatoTheWeen19 • 16h I think about this often... Freshman year of high school we had a substitute teacher for math who was super old. He was everyone's favorite because he would fall asleep more often than not. The class clown, Jezreel, was in my class, first hour algebra I. He decided it was the perfect time to start jumping on top of the desks and hissing at everyone. He then proceeded to dive out the open window from the desk and got stuck but managed an escape. What a memory.


Text - godthe4th • 15h Year 6, my friend didn't want his pizza and wanted to throw it out, than another friend tells him not to, then decides to throw the pizza onto the street to feed the birds who we were having dumb conversations with. After the birds were gone, a Ute drove by and ran over the pizza, sending it 4 feet into the air and it made a beautiful sound. It was so hilarious at the time. 11/10


Text - Alieneater • 14h One time in 9th or 10th grade I had a big bag full of nickels, dimes and quarters. I threw it all by the handful down the stairs over a horde of kids while everyone was running around between classes. Total mayhem ensued. You'd have thought those were hundred dollar bills the way people were scrambling.

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