All Funniest Man of Popsicle Ice Pop Classic TV Commercials EVER!

A Popsicle is a Unilever brand of ice pop consisting of flavored, colored ice on a stick. The Popsicle brand began expanding from its original flavors after being purchased by Good Humor-Breyers in 1989. Under the Popsicle brand, Good Humor-Breyers holds the trademark for both Creamsicle and Fudgsicle. Creamsicle's center is vanilla ice cream, covered by a layer of flavored ice. Creamsicle flavors include orange, blue raspberry, lime, grape, cherry, and blueberry. Fudgsicles are flat, frozen desserts that come on a stick and are chocolate-flavored with a texture somewhat similar to ice cream. Firecrackers are a brand of Popsicles that come in a shape resembling a firecracker. These take a similar appearance to the bomb pop. Slow Melt Pops include a small amount of gelatin that helps them stay frozen longer than traditional ice pops. Slow Melt Pops are available in several varieties. Yosicles are a brand of Popsicle that contains yogurt. Revello Bars are chocolate-covered ice cream on a stick. Who invented the Popsicle?
Believe it or not, the person who invented the Popsicle was 11-year old Frank Epperson in 1905! After a day of play, he left his drink with the stirring straw still in it outside in the cold overnight. When Frank went back out the next morning, he found his drink frozen like an icicle. Cool, right? He called it an “Epsicle” and it became a hit with his friends until he had kids of his own and they called it, “Pop’s ’sicle”. The name stuck and he patented it in 1923 to share his treat with the world. Official website:

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